Specify location of volumes in docker

I need to create a container specifying the location of volumes (not a bind mount).

The container has a volume /var/www, is possible to choose the location on the host machine? (i want to save in /data/www not in /var/lib/docker….). I can’t do with -v (bind mount) the /var/www folder has data.

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    I can’t do with -v (bind mount) the /var/www folder has data.

    The first order of business would be to get those data on your host (in your host /data/www): run your container, and docker inspect it in order to get the path of the volume it uses (the one in /var/lib/docker/volumes/...): you can copy those files onto your host.

    Then you can bind mount that host /var/www folder to your container.

    But the better practice remains to use volumes (with the new 1.9+ docker volumes API), and mount it with --volumes-from.

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