Solr on Docker:localhost:8983 not working

I followed the steps mentioned in and installed solr in my docker container on windows.

Accessing the admin console : http://localhost:8983/solr throws “ERR_Connection_Refused”.

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  • Output of docker ps -a :

    CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                             COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS                           PORTS
    ca473cca4747        solr5.5.0        "/opt/solr/bin/solr -"   19 minutes ago      Up 19 minutes          >8983/tcp

    I can create a core successfully by running

    docker exec -it --user=solr my_solr bin/solr create_core -c gettingstarted

    Checking the solr status within the docker container:

    Found 1 Solr nodes:
    Solr process 1 running on port 8983
      "version":"5.5.0 2a228b3920a07f930f7afb6a42d0d20e184a943c - mike - 2016-02-16 15:22:52",
      "uptime":"0 days, 0 hours, 22 minutes, 29 seconds",
      "memory":"39.3 MB (%8) of 490.7 MB"}

    Butstill http://localhost:8983/solr nor http://localhost:8983/solr/admin not accessible

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Solr on Docker:localhost:8983 not working”

    Since you mentioned you are using Docker Machine on Windows the way you access published ports is a little different than on native Linux. Docker Machine has created a virtual machine on your laptop which is running Linux to support Docker. This virtual machine has its own IP address. You can get the IP address by running docker-machine ip or docker-machine ip <machine_name> and replacing <machine_name> with the actual name of your Docker Machine if different than default.

    You would then access the published port using that VM IP address. On my local Mac with Docker Machine it would be It is likely a similar IP address on Windows as well.

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