Shutting down MongoDB inside Docker container causes 100% CPU

I’ve been pulling my hair over this one for days now, to the point I am dropping this here. Using docker-compose I start a few containers, one of which is running mongodb, using CMD [“/usr/bin/mongod”] However, when I shut down the container using docker stop, the mongod process takes 100% cpu and keeps running forever without being able to kill it. When killing the parent processes, the mongod process becomes a child of init, but in its same state. Mongodb does log that it shutted down with error code 0 though.

Docker version: 17.04.0-ce
Docker-compose version: 1.11.2

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  • What I tried so far:

    • different linux distro’s
    • supervisord within container to handle mongod
    • added –init to docker daemon
    • run mongod as a fork
    • look for kernel update, but 3.14 seems to be the latest (running on Odroid C2)
    • different storage drivers, but only aufs works (overlay needs higher kernel)

    All without any joy..

    enter image description here

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Shutting down MongoDB inside Docker container causes 100% CPU”

    After updating the kernel to 4.x on the Odroid-C2 using this link, the problem went away.

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