Share docker socket using user namespaces

is it possible to use docker socket mounted from host inside docker container when using user namespaces?

I have following configuration:

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      "userns-remap": "ns-user" 

    I’ve created user ns-user with UID 100000 and group ns-user with GID 100000. Additionality I’ve added ns-user to group docker. When I log in as ns-user on host machine then I can use docker via socket.

    The problem is that when I run container with docker socket mounted I’ve got permission denied on socket. Socket privileges inside docker container:

    srw-rw---- 1 nobody nogroup 0 Jun 26 15:00 /var/run/docker.sock

    EDIT 1:

    To clarify I thought that root (uid 0) inside container maps to ns-user (uid 100000) on host which has permission to docker socket. but in fact I get permission denied. Why?

    I do not want to use –userns=host parameter.

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