Setup commands for Mesos and Kubernetes on Docker?

When trying to move a web container (Tomcat) to the latest technologies for better growth and support, I came across this blog. This part seems ideal for my needs:

… we are also incorporating Kubernetes into Mesos to manage the deployment of Docker workloads. Together, we provide customers with a commercial-grade, highly-available and production-ready compute fabric.

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  • Now, how to setup a local test environment to try this out? All these technologies seem interchangable! I can run docker on mesos, mesos on docker, etc etc etc. Prepackaged instances allow me to run on others Clouds. Other videos also make this seem great! Running out on the cloud is not a viable (allowed) option for me. Unfortunately, I can not find ‘instructions’ on how to setup the configuration described/marketed/advertised.

    If I am new to these technologies, and know there will be a learning curve, is there a way to get initialized for doing such a “simple task”: running a tomcat container on a Docker machine that is running Mesos/Kubernetes? That is, without spending days trying to learn and figure out each individual part! This is the picture from the blog site referenced:

    enter image description here

    Assuming that I “only” know how to create a docker container(s) (for say, centos-7). What commands, in what order, (i.e. the secret ‘code’) do I need to use to configure small (2 or 3) local environment to try out running Tomcat?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Setup commands for Mesos and Kubernetes on Docker?”

    Although I searched quite a bit, apparently not enough! Someone pointed me to this:

    which is pretty close to exactly what I was looking for.

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