Setting up Docker Postgres inside Python container

I currently have a python3 web application running in a docker image. I am trying to restore a local database dump in the docker container (dump.pgsql) and connect to that database within my application.
I am having a couple issues.

From within the Python container I can’t seem to download any version of postgres (9.1-9.6) and once I am able to restore the database, how would I get connect (I am currently connecting via Login URI to the cloud database).

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  • My DockerFile is:

    FROM python:3
    ADD . /code
    WORKDIR /code
    EXPOSE 5000
    RUN pip install -r requirements.txt
    #Run Postgres Locally 
    RUN apt-get install -y postgresql-9.2
    RUN postgres restore code.pgsql
    CMD ["python3", ""]

    And I run the command with

    docker build -t code .
    docker run --name code -ti -p 8000:8000 code

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