Setting up Docker on Windows for PHP – can not find config file

I installed boot2docker and trying to pull some images from a private server. It asks to --insecure-registry to the config file but can not find it.

Has anyone encountered the same issue and is there any solution?

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    Yeah, this a little bit confusing in boot2docker.

    You need to set those arguments on the daemon, not the client. In boot2docker that means you need to ssh into the VM and edit a config file. You can ssh into the VM by running boot2docker ssh. Then edit the file /var/lib/boot2docker/profile (which may not exist) to include the line:


    Where MY_PRIVATE_SERVER is the address of your registry. You’ll then need to restart boot2docker (e.g. boot2docker restart).

    You can find more details at under local customisation.

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