setting system variables in MySQL running as docker container

I have used docker to setup mysql server taken from , I know that we can set up environment variables using several options while running an image as”-e , -env or –env-file” which works absolutely fine as I want. But now I want to edit my system variables for MySQL say “max_connections=300”. Is there a way we can use these options to achieve this. I have tried using –env-file option to update system variables but no success 🙁 would be really very helpful if anyone can give pointers on this.


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    Have a look at, for example for a specific value for max_connections, and for the Dockerfile

    From description of mysql docker container:

    You can pass arbitrary command line options to the MySQL server by appending them to the run command:

    docker run –name my-container-name -d mysql/mysql-server –option1=value –option2=value
    In this case, the values of option1 and option2 will be passed directly to the server when it is started. The following command will for instance start your container with UTF-8 as the default setting for character set and collation for all databases in MySQL:

    docker run –name my-container-name -d mysql/mysql-server –character-set-server=utf8 –collation-server=utf8_general_ci

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