Setting arguments in docker-compose file

Hi I want to use the haproxy exporter provided here in a docker container.

I am using docker-composefor managing containers and want to recreate this command:

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  • $ docker run -p 9101:9101 prom/haproxy-exporter -haproxy.scrape-uri=";csv"

    in my docker-compose.yml.

    I am not sure how to pass the argument, after viewing the docker-compose documentation I tried it like this:

        image: prom/haproxy-exporter
          - 9101:9101
        network_mode: "host"
            - haproxy.scrape-uri=";csv"

    But this gives me an file is invalid message because it requires a context with a build.

    Thanks for any help in advance

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Setting arguments in docker-compose file”

    The image is already built and pulled from the hub (unless you have your own Dockerfile) so you don’t need the build option. Instead, pass your arguments as the command since the image appears to use an entrypoint (if their Dockerfile only had a cmd option, then you’d need to also pass /bin/haproxy-exporter in your command):

        image: prom/haproxy-exporter
          - 9101:9101
        network_mode: "host"
        command: -haproxy.scrape-uri=";csv"
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