Set up Docker Swarm on an EC2

Everything’s running on a single AWS EC2 amz instance. No docker-machine, no additional VM, VirtualBox.

Docker daemon is running like this

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  • ps aux | grep docker
    ... /usr/bin/docker -d -H tcp://

    I’m executing:

    sudo docker -H localhost:2375 run -d swarm join --addr= token://52b27cb0a8187bfb358a35a4fdbf8922
    sudo docker -H localhost:2375 run -d -p 12375:2375 swarm manage token://52b27cb0a8187bfb358a35a4fdbf8922
    sudo docker -H localhost:2375 ps
    CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND                CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                     NAMES
    16f93309d6c7        swarm:latest        "/swarm join --addr=   13 seconds ago      Up 13 seconds       2375/tcp                  lonely_babbage
    c6a0e4e69bd2        swarm:latest        "/swarm manage token   6 minutes ago       Up 6 minutes>2375/tcp   sleepy_wright
    sudo docker -H localhost:12375 info
    Nodes: 0

    🙁 is not clear enough
    it’s not perfectly specified what is swarm_port, manager_port. I mean, i kind of understand, but i can’t get it working (apparently).

    (yea, ports 12375, 22 and 2375 are open from outside but that shouldn’t matter here)

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Set up Docker Swarm on an EC2”

    The swarm joins require the ip:port of the docker daemon, not the swarm manager.
    So in your case, I guess the first line should be

    sudo docker -H localhost:2375 run -d swarm join --addr= token://52b27cb0a8187bfb358a35a4fdbf8922
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