Service from sources inside Docker container

Short question: is it ok (aren’t there any contradictions with Docker ideology) to compile and start application from sources inside Docker container?

Assume that I have some hypothetical application. Let it be Java web service built with Maven, located somewhere in GitHub. Specifics doesn’t matter here.

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  • But before starting this service, I need to set-up several config files with right parameters, known at deployment time. Right now I can build fully-preconfigured application package with a single maven command, passing all the necessary configurations at build command.

    Now assume that I need to make it a Docker container and don’t have time to refactor it somehow right now. So I have a plan: let my docker image have Maven and Git, ENTRYSCRIPT clones my Git repository, builds and starts the application, passing all the necessary parameters via environment.

    Is it suitable plan, or it’s just wrong?

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