Sending Multicast Packets from Docker Container (to multicast group)

I have an application that sends messages over UDP multicast that I’ve been attempting to put under docker. I’ve been running into much headwind trying to send multicast packets from a docker container.

I have been able to send messages through the --net=host option on running the docker container. I would, however, like to stick with a bridge configuration.

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  • I would like to get some insight in what needs to be done in order to publish messages through the standard docker bridge configuration. I’m attempting to publish messages on with port 16000. I have tried publishing udp port 16000 through the following argument on docker run.


    This doesn’t give me any change in behavior and my host doesn’t see any multicast traffic.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Sending Multicast Packets from Docker Container (to multicast group)”

    Docker network drivers have no IGMP/PIM support, so you should really establish a direct Layer 2 connection from the container to the physical switch/router.

    As you have found out yourself, docker’s default bridge network will not help you here.

    I haven’t tested it with multicast, but you should be able to achieve that with Pipework.

    macvlan driver should help you with your problem, but is currently experimental as of Docker Engine 1.11

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