Send “sigterm” from Java to Bash script

I am starting a Java code from Bash script called The Bash script fires up the Java code and then the Java code runs. At the end of the Java program, I want to send a signal back to the Bash script to terminate. Keep in mind that the Bash script runs with PID = 1. And I have to kill the PID 1 process.

I have the bash script set up such that it runs in an infinite loop and waits for a termination signal:

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  • #!/bin/bash
    # Run the java code here..
    # Listen for an exit command.
    trap 'exit 0' SIGTERM
    while true; do :; done

    I am using Docker instances and the signal is sigterm. I am following this tutorial: which explains how to send a sigterm from command line. I want to automate this process and close/kill the docker instance from inside as soon as the Java program ends.

    How do I send the signal back to the bash script that started the Java code in the first place?

    Should I follow
    this method to send a signal as arguments to the bash script? Or will it start another bash script with a different PID (not 1).

    Help needed!

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Send “sigterm” from Java to Bash script”

    1. Write ‘set -e’ in second line in bash script.
    2. Dont use trap and while. Replace it by
      ‘exec your_java_code_run’.

    By this way docker get SIGTERM after java code run end.


    #!/usr/bin/env bash
    set -e
    exec your_java_code_run
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