Send keystroke to Dockerfile, Ubuntu

I’m creating Dockerfile script and it has a command line that executes a program and requires user input 1 from keyboard as selected option to go to further steps.

Xdotool, man yes or expect cannot help in this situation.

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  • Update source-code:

    First off, download and extract RevoMath library, navigate to RevoMath folder then execute the install script.

    RUN wget -q
    RUN tar -xzf RevoMath-3.2.4.tar.gz
    RUN cd RevoMath/
    RUN ./

    Install script has some select options as follow:

    echo "1. Install MKL"
    echo "2. Uninstall MKL"
    echo "3. Exit utility"

    We need to enter 1 from keyboard to install. How can we do it via Docker command?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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