Seeing protocol error with ln for mounted volume inside docker

I am mounting volume in docker container and then trying to create a symbolic link for a directory but it gives protocol error. This docker image/container I am running on windows7.

artifacts is mounted in docker with -v option while running the docker.

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  • root@0946d7a3022b:/artifacts# mkdir a
    root@0946d7a3022b:/artifacts# mkdir b
    root@0946d7a3022b:/artifacts# chmod 777 a
    root@0946d7a3022b:/artifacts# chmod 777 b
    root@0946d7a3022b:/artifacts# ln -s b a
    ln: failed to create symbolic link 'a/b': Protocol error
    root@0946d7a3022b:/artifacts# ln -s a b
    ln: failed to create symbolic link 'b/a': Protocol error

    I copied /artifacts to some other folder /testhere and then tried the same thing, it dint give any error.

    root@0946d7a3022b:/testhere# mkdir a
    root@0946d7a3022b:/testhere# mkdir b
    root@0946d7a3022b:/testhere# ln -s a b
    root@0946d7a3022b:/testhere# ln -s b a

    This alternative solution increases overhead of copying mounted folder to some other folder inside docker container.
    Can someone suggest any solution for this issue?

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