scan-and-scroll doesn't work from Docker with a ElasticSearch cluster placed outside

Currently I use Docker with an ElasticSearch cluster, which is placed outside the container.
From my docker I manage to create a mapping (so my ip it’s good), and I manage to launch simple request in python language.

def getBodyOfRoot(self, id):
        res =, doc_type=self.ES_Type, id=id)
        return res['_source']

this example works well in my host AND in Docker.

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  • But when I launch my scan-and-scroll from Docker, I don’t get a response, but from my native OS, I get a response.

    If you have already met this problem, how did you manage to solve it ?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “scan-and-scroll doesn't work from Docker with a ElasticSearch cluster placed outside”

    Try to issue the scan and scroll from your Docker container using cURL:

    curl -XGET http://elastic-search-host:9200/my_index/_search?scroll=1m&search_type=scan&size=10 -d '
        "query": {
            "match" : {
                "title" : "elasticsearch"
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