Samba Domain Controller Provisioning in Docker warning about not supporting xattr or not being root

I am trying to provision my Samba domain controller active directory in Docker container.

While provisioning, I get this warning:

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  • You are not root or your system do not support xattr, using tdb backend for attributes.

    not using extended attributes to store ACLs and other metadata. If you intend to use this provision in production, rerun the script as root on a system supporting xattrs.

    When I run my Docker container with --privileged parameter, then I do NOT get the warning anymore.

    • I cannot understand exactly what does that mean and how can that be bad for my production environment, could some one explain that for me please?

    • Where is my domain container data be saved? (because I want to create a container volume to make my data persistence) but I am sure if that warning will change the way or the place where my data are being saved?

    • can I solve that problem without using –privileged?

    • In case I should use –privileged to solve that, should I pay special attantion on something (security or saving my data in the containener)?

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