Running multiple dependent apps each with their own docker compose file

I have two apps that I would like to somehow combine with docker and docker compose. The apps are:

This I have been able to get running on docker.
Consists of the following containers: Web (rails app), postgres, and redis.

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  • Scraping app
    This app scrapes other websites, makes sure the data is consistent, and sends it to the API. This is the app I dunno how to get running on docker.
    Its a node app and would consist of the following containers: Web (sails app), mongodb, redis, the API.

    My question is if its possible to write the Dockerfile or docker-compose.yml file for the scraping app such that it is linked to the API app, which itself is linked to at least two other containers. Or do I have to manually boot the API app before booting the scraping app?

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