Running MariaDB in a docker container using docker stack

I’m trying to follow the instructions on but changing it to a single node MariaDB database. I am using a docker-compose.yml file that looks like this…

version: "3"
    image: mariadb:latest
      MYSQL_DATABASE: jeesample
      MYSQL_USER: jeeuser
      MYSQL_PASSWORD: password
    - webnet
    - "3307:3306"

Then I start it using

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  • docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml jeesample

    However, when I look at docker stack ps jeesample I get the following:

    ID            NAME                      IMAGE           NODE  DESIRED STATE  CURRENT STATE                   ERROR                      PORTS
    9yjyzmi86aqm  jeesample_database.1      mariadb:latest  moby  Running        Running less than a second ago
    gqamjzc2u1fw   \_ jeesample_database.1  mariadb:latest  moby  Shutdown       Failed 6 seconds ago            "task: non-zero exit (1)"
    615zc8s0rts1   \_ jeesample_database.1  mariadb:latest  moby  Shutdown       Failed 18 seconds ago           "task: non-zero exit (1)"
    pod5ldwn6p6v   \_ jeesample_database.1  mariadb:latest  moby  Shutdown       Failed 27 seconds ago           "task: non-zero exit (1)"
    ma1gkri9os14   \_ jeesample_database.1  mariadb:latest  moby  Shutdown       Failed 37 seconds ago           "task: non-zero exit (1)"

    Trying to connect to it using jdbc:mariadb://localhost:3307/jeesample from a SQL client on my local machine fails because I am unable to connect

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Running MariaDB in a docker container using docker stack”

    One way of diagnosing this issue is to look at the logs. To get the logs do docker ps to get a list of the containers then docker logs -f <container ID> to get the log result. Since it is on a docker-compose the container may go away after a short while so the -f option will keep it connected until it terminates.

    To resolve the issue which the logs say that there needs to be a password for the root user, I just needed to add


    Although there are other options such has

    MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: "blah" // visible on source
    MYSQL_ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD: "yes" // not recommended
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