Running Gatling from container

I am using denvazh/gatling container and everything works well except one thing i try to pass list of simulations like this:

Attaching to gatling
gatling_1 | GATLING_HOME is set to /opt/gatling
gatling_1 | Choose a simulation number:
gatling_1 |      [0] AppsPods
gatling_1 |      [1] ServerSimulation
gatling_1 |      [2] computerdatabase.BasicSimulation
gatling_1 |      [3] computerdatabase.advanced.AdvancedSimulationStep01
gatling_1 |      [4] computerdatabase.advanced.AdvancedSimulationStep02
gatling_1 |      [5] computerdatabase.advanced.AdvancedSimulationStep03 

i write such command as:

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  • docker run -it –rm -v /home/core/gatling/conf:/opt/gatling/conf \
    -v /home/core/gatling/user-files:/opt/gatling/user-files \
    -v /home/core/gatling/results:/opt/gatling/results \
    denvazh/gatling -s AdvancedSimulationStep01

    but nothing make sense simulation list shows again and i need to choose test from list to start the simulation. So is it possible to run only that test witch i specify starting docker run command???

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Running Gatling from container”

    You need to give the fully qualified classname i.e

    docker run -it --rm -v /home/core/gatling/conf:/opt/gatling/conf \ -v /home/core/gatling/user-files:/opt/gatling/user-files \ -v /home/core/gatling/results:/opt/gatling/results \ denvazh/gatling -s computerdatabase.advanced.AdvancedSimulationStep01

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