Running Elastic Search with Laradock

I’m trying to get ElasticSearch running with Laradock. ES looks to be supported out of the box with Laradock.

Here’s my docker command (run from <project root>/laradock/:

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    However if I run docker ps, the elasticsearch container isn’t running.

    Both ports 9200 and 9300 are not consumed:

    lsof -i :9200

    Not sure why the elasticsearch container doesn’t persist, it seems to just self close.

    output of docker ps -a after running docker-compose up ...

    Condensed version:

    IMAGE                     STATUS                        PORTS
    laradock_nginx            Up 36 seconds       >80/tcp,>443/tcp
    laradock_elasticsearch    Exited (137) 34 seconds ago
    laradock_beanstalkd       Up 37 seconds       >11300/tcp
    laradock_php-fpm          Up 38 seconds                 9000/tcp
    laradock_workspace        Up 39 seconds       >22/tcp
    tianon/true               Excited (0) 41 seconds ago
    laradock_postgres         Up 41 seconds       >5432/tcp
    laradock_redis            Up 40 seconds       >6379/tcp

    Output of docker events after running docker-compose up ...

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