Running Docker using ConEmu

This is my ConEmu task setting

Task parameters: /dir "C:\Program Files\Docker Toolbox"
Commands: "%ProgramFiles%\Git\bin\bash.exe" --login -i -new_console:C:"C:\Program Files\Docker Toolbox\docker-quickstart-terminal.ico" "%ProgramFiles%\Docker Toolbox\"

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  • enter image description here

    This is the result, I can see the whale but I cannot use any docker command, I got error: bash: docker.exe: command not found

    enter image description here

    Please help, thanks

    I’m using Windows 10, Docker Toolbox 1.11.1

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    Just add Docker’s path to PATH.

    I had a similar issue in Windows 7 with running the Quickstart Terminal, I was getting the same error. After making sure Docker’s path was in PATH, I tried running the Quickstart Terminal as administrator and it works fine.

    I couldn’t find anything online about it, but running as administrator works, but non-admin always gets the error that you got.

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