Running Appscale on Jelastic

Hello we have created a Jelastic Docker environment where we want to run Appscale ( on it:

root@node1234-appscale:~# appscale up
Executing ssh-copy-id for host:
root@'s password:
root@'s password:
root@'s password:
root@'s password:

I am wondering why the same password we use to login into the SSH would not work in Docker?

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    Jelastic Gate system is using ssh-keys to connect to the container via ssh.
    Password-based authentication is disabled for root user inside the container:


    # Authentication:

    LoginGraceTime 120

    PermitRootLogin without-password

    StrictModes no

    It is a better way and more secure to use key-based authentication than a just password.
    You can find additional information about Jelastic ssh access in our documentation.

    AppScale do not uses passwords, but it needs a passwordless setup to get started. So the first time around it tries to copy a freshly generated public key to allow proper functioning. It looks like the setup failed in your case (we do use ssh-copy-id to setup). Try to setup the container so that you can ssh locally (in your case ssh with no need for password, and try to appscale up again.

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