RUnit does not stop docker-compose's containers

I would like to have a RUnit service to supervise a set of containers launched by docker-compose tool, here’s my the runit script:

In /etc/sv/app/run

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  • #!/bin/bash
    exec 2>&1
    source $APP_HOME/
    exec docker-compose -f $APP_HOME/docker-compose.yml up

    Here’s what I have then:

    • sv start app – launches the docker-compose thing just fine
    • sv stop app – stops docker-compose process itself but for unknown reason it leaves the containers running

    Is there any chance to have the stop command to stop containers as well? I thought that is what docker-compose should do when it gets stopped by RUnit.

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    I’m not familiar with docker (yet) but I have familiarity with runit.

    When you issue sv stop app you are actually telling runsvdir to signal the runsv for your docker launch to tear down the process. If you need something to signal the container to shut down, it won’t happen because runsv will haul off and kill any child processes that are attached. You may wish to read up on ./finish scripts, which are tasked with cleaning up things.

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