run rscript on local in a docker image

I have pulled a kaggle/rstats image on my local windows machine. I want to run a local code script.r in the kaggle image.

My code script.r is stored in “D:/codes/script.r.” I have installed docker and pulled kaggle/rstats image in “E:/docker.”

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  • Can somebody please help with how to run script.r in kaggle docker image.

    I have been using the following command to run it but of course there is some issue with it which I can’t figure out.

    docker run -v $PWD:D:/codes -w=D:/codes --rm -it kaggle/rstats Rscript script.r


    docker: Error response from daemon: Invalid bind mount spec “/c/Users/Rohan:D:/codes”: invalid mode: /codes.
    See ‘E:\Docker Toolbox\docker.exe run –help’.

    I tried following as well:

    docker run -v /D:/codes -w=/D:/codes --rm -it kaggle/rstats Rscript script.r


    Fatal error: cannot open file ‘script.r’: No such file or directory

    script.r is present in D:/codes, not sure why it is saying no such file.

    What is wrong in the command?

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