Run docker and keep zshhistory from host (zsh shell) in docker container (bash shell)

I am using options:

HIST_FILE=/root/.bash_history -v ~/.zshhistory:/root/.bash_history

but it is not getting the zshhistory in the container.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Run docker and keep zshhistory from host (zsh shell) in docker container (bash shell)”

    As I understood you want to use volume with -v option and trying to set environment variable with HIST_FILE=/root/.bash_history for container.
    In this case correct syntax is to set an environment variable with -e option, e.g. -e HIST_FILE='/root/.bash_history' and mount required volume with -v option, e.g. -v ~/.zshhistory:/root/.bash_history.
    Complete command will be like docker run -e HIST_FILE='/root/.bash_history' -v ~/.zshhistory:/root/.bash_history <image_name>

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