Resend messages from RabbitMQ works strange

I have RabbitMQ cluster in docker images. RabbitMQ have 1 exchange “EventExchange” and 2 queues: “QueueWait” and “QueueAction”. Queues configured for resend:

  • x-dead-letter-exchange: EventExchange
  • x-dead-letter-routing-key: QueueAction
  • durable: true

And consumer listens QueueAction.

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  • Logic

    1. Message is inserted into queue QueueWait with variable expiration time
    2. After expiration message is moved from QueueWait to QueueAction
    3. Consumer listening QueueAction got message


    Today I had problem. Expired messages are not moved between QueueWait and QueueAction. But if I get all messages from QueueWait in default GUI of RabbitMQ they will be moved to the QueueAction succesfully


    • Image of docker – May be it is docker problem?
    • RabbitMQ 3.2.4, Erlang R16B03


    I have to set TTL on the message level, because I have variable expiration dependet on the attempts of resend. How will I able to save current logic with guaranteed resend?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Resend messages from RabbitMQ works strange”

    Take a look at

    RabbitMQ expires messages when they reach the head of the queue, so if you don’t have consumers, most probably your messages won’t get expired.

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