Requests to docker-machine created boot2docker host

For fast development purposed I spin a MongoDB container on boot2docker on the standard MongoDB port and then I just connect to the database on the boot2docker ip on that port. Currently its

With docker-machine I created a new boot2dockers named “host” which has the ip where I installed docker-compose to spin MongoDB + a data container. But contrary to the default boot2docker, I cant seem to connect to Mongo on that machines ip (I get the ip with docker-machine ip host)

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    In this case I don’t get a connection, I don’t even see the MongoDB warning message when I put that address on Chrome. Am I missing some critical configuration step to make this happen?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Requests to docker-machine created boot2docker host”

    Create a port forwarding for port 27017 in VirtualBox for your docker-machine named host.

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