Requests to docker containers failing on chrome for OSX

I have several docker containers running on OSX using Docker for Mac and I’ve set up port mapping in the docker-compose file in order to access them on localhost. This usually works, but sometimes the requests fail when accessing them from the Chrome browser.

In this event I see nothing in the docker-compose output suggesting that the container has received a request, and the tab just hangs for however long I leave it. The only thing that helps is waiting a few moments and then opening another url (or even the same localhost url) in a different Chrome tab, this sometimes causes the request to localhost to go through.

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  • I’m having no problem with other browsers (Firefox, Safari) and the same containers can be accessed reliably with Chrome on Ubuntu.


    • OSX: 10.12.4
    • Docker: 17.03.1-ce-mac12
    • Chrome: 58.0.3029.110

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