Remote debugging path mapping

I want to be able to use debugger inside docker container and i managed to map entry point of laravel‘s /public/index.php to path on nginx server inside container, breakpoint in index.php is being hit, but breakpoint in default route “/” in app/http/routes.php is not, although route’s code is being executed. It’s laravel 5.1 default folder structure.

Working path mapping for index.php is /var/www/laravel/public - C:\Users\username\Desktop\zemke2\public (server path – project path respectively)

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  • Printscreen here:


    I need help making mapping for “/” route’s breakpoints to work.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Remote debugging path mapping”

    After some wondering I succeeded to figure it out. It is quite simple. The point is you map FOLDERS and you map ABSOLUTE FILESYSTEM PATHS on server and local. Browser url is IRRELEVANT, it does not matter how you run your code.

    Folder containing file (or files) you want to debug on server to local folder containing that file.

    In my case those are:

        server path: /var/www/laravel/public - local path: C:\Users\username\Desktop\zemke2\public
        server path: /var/www/laravel/app/Http - local path: C:\Users\username\Desktop\zemke2\app\Http

    Linux paths are case sensitive. Checking stop debugger on first line also helps debugging problems like this.

    Netbeans settings.

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