Redirect traffic from docker container into localhost

I have a Docker host with a tunnel listening on There is a container that sends out traffic. I need to get this traffic into the tunnel.

The Docker host is running CentOS 7.2 and I have made the service inside the Docker container send everything to, which is the IP of the docker0 interface.

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  • In firewalld, I have created a docker zone which looks like this:

    docker (active)
      interfaces: docker0
      masquerade: yes
      forward-ports: port=514:proto=udp:toport=514:toaddr=
      rich rules: 

    Checking with tcpdump, there is traffic on docker0 on port 514 but there’s no traffic on lo on port 514.

    What am I doing wrong?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Redirect traffic from docker container into localhost”

    Check that your Docker version plays well with firewalld.
    It was fixed just recently:

    RedHat still recommends to disable firewalld with Docker version included in their repository (1.10.3 currently):

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