Rebuild same docker image with only the additional changes in the Dockerfile

I build an docker image using a Dockerfile. After building the image, I made some basic changes on the Dockerfile. Is it possible to rebuild the same image with just the additional changes. Since, it takes very long time to create the image, I don’t want to build it completely. Thanks in advance.

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    All docker build work in the way, that you describe.

    The only thing need to be taken into account is layer dependencies.

    Consider Dockerfile

    FROM something
    RUN  cmd1
    RUN  cmd2
    RUN  cmd3
    RUN  cmd4

    If you change cmd1 then all layers will be rebuilt, because they could be different with respect to cmd1
    If you change cmd4 than only this command will be rebuilt, because it has not affect any other layers.

    Think about what commands need to be run in what order – maybe you can improve it by reordering the statements.

    Yes, if you tag your docker image myimage, just start your other Dockerfile with

    FROM myimage

    and put after this your additional changes

    You can’t rebuild it with the changes, you would need to store persistent data on a volume for that.

    To save your changes,however, you can use commit:

    Create a new image from a container’s changes


    It can be useful to commit a container’s file changes or settings into
    a new image.
    This allows you debug a container by running an
    interactive shell, or to export a working dataset to another server.
    Generally, it is better to use Dockerfiles to manage your images in a
    documented and maintainable way.
    Read more about valid image names and

    The commit operation will not include any data contained in volumes
    mounted inside the container.

    By default, the container being committed and its processes will be
    paused while the image is committed. This reduces the likelihood of
    encountering data corruption during the process of creating the

    Docker will be the best open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications.