Ready to run docker images for Spring Cloud Data Flow

I’m looking for ready to run and ready to deploy images for Spring Cloud Data Flow, optimally with HDFS Fuse file system driver. Preferrably with example and documentation.

I already looked for some tutorials – but there are so many steps and configuration options to consider that I’d rather want to start from an existing image / example which may partly fit my needs and make my first steps from there.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Ready to run docker images for Spring Cloud Data Flow”

    Depending on which target runtime (local, CF, Kubernetes, Mesos, YARN) you choose for the Spring Cloud Data Flow, deploying docker images is (or yet to be) supported.

    For local and CF deployers, the docker image support is yet to be added:

    For kubernetes you can refer documentation here

    For mesos you can refer here

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