Re-build Go (App Engine) app running inside docker container?

Normally, when you run a Go app using Go-Appengine’s goapp serve command, file changes are detected and initiate a re-build.

INFO     2015-01-11 ... Detected file changes: ...

I’m currently experimenting with running Go-Appengine inside a docker container, and while the server starts appropriately, file changes do not initiate a re-build. How do I make this happen?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Re-build Go (App Engine) app running inside docker container?”

    I think the problem here is that the files don’t change inside the docker-container, only on the host-filesystem. Your source-directory is added in the Dockerfile (when the container-image is built). If you change the files later, the container is not automatically rebuilt.

    To solve this issue (for development-purposes) you could mount the source-directory from your host-system into the docker-container. with this trick, source-changes are automatically added to the container.

    To to this, add

      - .:/go/src
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