Raspberry-pi docker error: standard_init_linux.go:178: exec user process caused “exec format error”

I’ve installed docker in rapsbian according to the official instructions (i.e., running curl -sSL https://get.docker.com | sh) but I’m not able to run the hello-world example (I’ve also tried other examples without success). This is the error I’m getting:

pi@raspberrypi2:~ $ docker run hello-world
standard_init_linux.go:178: exec user process caused "exec format error"

My environment is Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with Raspbian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) and Docker version 17.03.0-ce, build 60ccb22.

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  • Any hint about the problem or possible directions to solve the problem?

    Many thanks!

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Raspberry-pi docker error: standard_init_linux.go:178: exec user process caused “exec format error””

    Raspberries use ARM and not x86_64 processors. You can only run images created for that architecture. Try searching for ARM or ARMv7 on docker hub. There is a Debian image for ARM I know of but there must be others as well.

    The underlying issue is that the binary format used by ARM is not compatible with x86_64, which is the architecture used by most desktop and server systems.

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