Rancher can pull images from private registry

I have create a private registry by harbor.
but when I use rancher to update a container, rancher can not pull images.
before this registry.ziztour.com is normal operation.

Rancher registries:
rancher registryies

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  • Error:

    Manually pull my private registry image successful:

    rancher v1.1.0
    docker v1.11.2

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Rancher can pull images from private registry”

    Better late than never, but when I had issues pulling from a secure registry I solved the issue by creating/modifying the etc/docker/daemon.json file on the rancher server and all rancher hosts and adding the following.

    "insecure-registries" : [

    Once you’ve done this run sudo service docker restart

    When you add the ip’s leave the http:// or https:// off.

    Make sure you do this on all your rancher hosts as well as on the rancher server, otherwise it won’t work.

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