quit docker run on travis-ci

I’m testing a server that’s designed to run continuously with docker with travis-ci.org. My Dockerfile has a CMD block that prints out some version info then keeps a process foo running. However, docker run -d [docker-image-name] is expected to not quit on itself and I do not want it to keep running on travis-ci.org. I’m using docker kill $(docker ps -q) to quit but the log returns:

$ docker kill $(docker ps -q)
"docker kill" requires at least 1 argument(s).
See 'docker kill --help'.
Usage:  docker kill [OPTIONS] CONTAINER [CONTAINER...]
Kill one or more running containers

Note docker kill $(docker ps -q) runs okay locally.
My .travis.yml is:

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    language: ruby
      - docker
      - docker build -t test .
      - docker run -d test
      - docker ps -a
      - docker kill $(docker ps -q)
      - docker ps -a

    How do I quit the docker process? (Or, does travis-ci automatically quits it/do I have to take care of it myself?)

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