Python dependency issues with Django on Docker

Im new to Docker and im having troubles porting my already existing and working Django project to Docker and im pretty much stuck right now since the issue is with the dependencies in my requirements.txt that are frozen and actually are working on my other environmets (Live on VPS with Ubuntu and Dev on a VM with Arch).

The issue itself is while migrating the DB with djangocms_text_ckeditor/html5lib and was reported under eg.

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    what i tried so far:

    • latest dependency versions (unfreeze)
    • different package versions as mentioned on the issue reports.
    • different python versions 3.4 – 3.6 (standart and alpine)(live runs
      on 3.5 standart)
    • different base image (ubuntu 16.04 – 16.06)
    • deleting package and package dependencies (leads to migration

    The dependency versions of my requirements file:


    Any ideas how to fix this issue?

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