Publish to random host port while using –network=host

I am trying to access a host URL from within a docker container. I would also like to publish container ports to random ports on the host.

docker run --network=host -P -d somerepo/someimage

However, it looks like the -P and the --net=host options don’t want to co-exist as I don’t see any port mappings created when I run a docker ports <container_id>

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  • Am I missing something obvious here?

    PS: There is no docker-machine involved. Docker engine is running directly on the host machine.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Publish to random host port while using –network=host”

    You can’t use -P or -p with --net=host because that doesn’t make any sense. When you’re using --net=host, IF a process in a container opens a port THEN that port is open on your host. No mapping is required, because your container process are running in the host’s network environment.

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