Prometheus – how to monitor other docker containers

I want to use Prometheus to monitor my docker containers. I can run Prometheus with Grafana but I do not know how to instruct it to monitor other docker containers.
If possible I would like to see some example. For instance I have Ubuntu container running on my host as well as Gentoo container. How can I tell Prometheus to monitor them, or perhaps to monitor some application(s) running inside?
Thanks in advance for your time and patience with me.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Prometheus – how to monitor other docker containers”

    You could use cadvisor, which provides container users an understanding of the resource usage and performance characteristics of their running containers.

    A very good article about setting up Prometheus to monitor Docker is using this architecture:

    cAdvisor with prometheus

    Briefly, the idea is to collect information about containers using cAdvisor and put them into Prometheus database. Grafana will query the Prometheus database and render monitoring charts / values.

    To collect data from cAdvisor to Prometheus, you will have to edit a configuration file (prometheus.yml):

      - job_name: 'cadvisor'
        scrape_interval: 5s
          - targets: ['cadvisor:8080']

    When you have some data in Prometheus, the you have to use Grafana to view it. A (short) example of monitoring json queries you could import into Grafana is as follow:

    Get % of user CPU :

      "targets": [
          "expr": "sum(rate(container_cpu_user_seconds_total{image!=\"\"}[1m])) / count(node_cpu{mode=\"system\"}) * 100",
          "interval": "10s",
          "intervalFactor": 1,
          "legendFormat": "",
          "refId": "A",
          "step": 10

    Get % of RAM used :

      "targets": [
          "expr": "(sum(node_memory_MemTotal) - sum(node_memory_MemFree+node_memory_Buffers+node_memory_Cached) ) / sum(node_memory_MemTotal) * 100",
          "interval": "10s",
          "intervalFactor": 2,
          "legendFormat": "",
          "refId": "A",
          "step": 20

    For complete json data (too long to be posted here), you can clone this repository :

    git clone

    And try to import this Grafana json.

    I’m currently using this architecture to monitor a docker swarm mode cluster in production, and here is the output of the monitoring that you can find in the github repository.

    prometheus with grafana

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