prevent Docker from exposing port on host

If i start a container using -p 80 for example, docker will assign a random outbound port.

Everytime Docker assign a port, it also add an iptable rule to open this port to the world, is it possible to prevent this behaviour ?

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  • Note : I am using a nginx load balancer to get the content, I really don’t need to have my application associated with two different port.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “prevent Docker from exposing port on host”

    You can specify both interface and port as follows:

    -p ip:hostPort:containerPort


    -p ip::containerPort

    Another solution is to run nginx inside container and to use conteiner linking without exposing other services whatsoever.

    The iptable feature is a startup parameter for the docker demon. Look for the docker demon conf file in your docker installation. Add –iptables=false and docker never touches your iptables.

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