Permission Denied with Docker-Compose on Windows

I am currently learning Docker, with the book “Using Docker”. In chapter 5, the author switches from using docker run to using docker compose, which yields a permission denied error in my test application. Is there something I can do to have it work?

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    • Windows 10 Home Edition, with the Docker Toolbox
    • Docker version is 1.12.0
    • Docker Compose version is 1.8.0, build d988a55


    FROM python:3.4
    RUN groupadd -r uwsgi && useradd -r -g uwsgi uwsgi
    RUN pip install Flask==0.10.1 uWSGI==2.0.8
    WORKDIR /app
    COPY app /app
    COPY /
    EXPOSE 9090 9191
    USER uwsgi
    CMD ["/"]


      build: .
        - "5000:5000"
        ENV: DEV
        - ./app:/app

    The application is located under C:/Users/MyUserName, as required by the Toolbox, to have shared volumes working correctly.

    The working docker command, which starts the container and the web server, exposing it successfully to my Windows host:

    docker run -e "ENV=DEV" -p 5000:5000 identidock

    The docker-compose up command fails with the following message:

    Starting identidock_identidock_1
    ERROR: for identidock  Cannot start service identidock: oci runtime error: exec: "/": permission denied
    ←[31mERROR←[0m: Encountered errors while bringing up the project.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Permission Denied with Docker-Compose on Windows”

    Try adding

    RUN chmod +x /

    to your Dockerfile after

    COPY /  

    According to that issue it seems that the docker client sets the needed exec permission for the file while docker compose does not

    It may be that the docker client sets the executable bit for all
    files, where as Compose does not (yet).

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