Pass container IP across containers for config file

I’m new to Docker, and am attempting to create two containers, one for MySQL and one for my Node.js app, based on images from Docker’s HUB.

I’d like to connect my node app to the MySQL host.

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  • For this, I’m planning to store informations about this host through environment variables in my config.yaml (used by node-config) for later use.

    My question is : how could I pass the IP address of the MySQL container to my node.js app?

    It is dynamically attributed, I vaguely know I can retrieve it with a command as docker inspect $(docker ps -q) | grep '"IPAddress"', it may be a clue?

    Docker-compose.yml :

      image: mysql:5.6
        - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=****
        - MYSQL_DATABASE=database
        - MYSQL_USER=user
        - MYSQL_PASSWORD=****
        - /data/mysql:/var/lib/mysql
      build: .
        - MYSQL_USER=^^^^^ // will mirror the value up there, and so on
        - ...
        - "80:3000"
        - mysql

    Config.yaml :

      port: 3000
        host: "MYSQL_HOST" // How can this be dynamic ?
        database: "MYSQL_DATABASE"
        user: "MYSQL_USER"
        password: "MYSQL_PASSWORD"

    Dockerfile :

    FROM    node:0.10
    ADD package.json /usr/src/package.json
    # Install app dependencies
    RUN cd /usr/src && npm install
    ADD . /usr/src
    WORKDIR /usr/src
    EXPOSE  3000
    CMD npm start

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Pass container IP across containers for config file”

    When you run containers with docker-compose, it adds in every container in /etc/hosts a dynamic line with the format

    <dynamic ip> container_name

    Thus, when you run docker-compose up every container knows any other container by its name.

    So, in your confing.yaml you have to change this line

     host: "MYSQL_HOST" // How can this be dynamic ?


    host: mysql

    since in /etc/hosts you have the dynamic association between the hostname mysql and the dynamic ip assigned by docker the the MySQL container.

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