Parse docker logs with logstash

I have a docker container that log to stdout/stderr. Docker save it’s output into /var/lib/docker/containers//-logs.json

The log has lines with the following structure

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  • {"log":"This is a message","stream":"stderr","time":"2015-03-12T19:27:27.310818102Z"}

    which input/codec/filter should I use to get only the log field as the message ?


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  • One Solution collect form web for “Parse docker logs with logstash”

    Use the json codec to parse the JSON string (you could instead use the json filter), then rename the “log” field to “message” with the mutate filter and finally use the date filter to parse the “time” field.

    filter {
      mutate {
        rename => ["log", "message"]
      date {
        match => ["time", "ISO8601"]
        remove_field => ["time"]
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