docker container exits because of “std in is not a tty”

We are starting a container and run task using aws ecs service, the image got pulled successfully according to the task definition but when the container trying to run the task it exited because of “stdin is not tty”. We manually reproduced that error by running docker run {image_name} but didn’t figure out a way […]

Only one NGINX Server Context works at a time for NGINX sites-enabled

I have the following structure I am working with for NGINX /etc/nginx – nginx.conf – conf.d – a.conf-disabled (I appended ‘disabled’ so it wont be used) – b.conf-disabled (I appended ‘disabled’ so it wont be used) – sites-available – a – b – sites-enabled – a (sym link to sites-available/a) – b (sym link to […]

Unicorn error adding listener

I am having issues getting a unicorn server up and running. I try to run unicorn using: bundle exec unicorn -c /var/www/docninja/unicorn.rb -E development -D -p 8080 I get the following error: I, [2015-04-14T23:54:52.117609 #123] INFO — : listening on addr=/var/www/docninja/tmp/sockets/unicorn.docninja.sock fd=10 I, [2015-04-14T23:54:52.118624 #123] INFO — : listening on addr= fd=11 I, [2015-04-14T23:54:52.119553 #123] […]

Post request with form data raising 400 error in mocha test

I am trying to run test cases within the server using docker containers. While I am trying to test a post request with the image field along with the other field raising bad request 400 all the time. The service seems like working fine for other requests. I am posting the snippet of code here. […]

How to share host network bridge when using docker in docker

I’m using the docker image to have docker in docker. When starting docker containers inside the parent docker, is it possible to use the bridge of the parent docker so I can share the network between the containers inside the docker container and the parent docker container? What I want to do is to […]

How to connect docker's container with pipeline

I would like to have custom server which listens inside docker‘s container (e.g on TCP How to send data in and out from outside of the container. I don’t want to use host ports for bridging. I would rather use pipelines or something which not take host network resources. Please show me full example […]

Ajax not responding on Node.Js Express server

I’m using Express and running with Supervisor on a Docker container. When making Ajax requests to the server it gets no response. I can navigate to the URLs Ajax is using and it responds. The rest of the application/site functions normally. However, when connecting and running the application manually, without using Supervisor, the Ajax requests […]

how does incorrect Docker postGIS command RUN succesfully?

I was just having a look at this postgreSQL image here, the image is postGIS enabled. See the dockerfile that builds the image , it looks as follows: FROM postgres:9.4 MAINTAINER Mike Dillon <> ENV POSTGIS_MAJOR 2.1 ENV POSTGIS_VERSION 2.1.7+dfsg-3~94.git954a8d0.pgdg80+1 RUN apt-get update \ && apt-get install -y –no-install-recommends \ postgresql-$PG_MAJOR-postgis-$POSTGIS_MAJOR=$POSTGIS_VERSION \ postgis=$POSTGIS_VERSION \ && […]

Production ready LAMP stack – in Docket, Rocket etc

Id like to use cloud hosting platforms like Digital Ocean or Linode, but Im a bit concerned about my server configuration, its not something Ive had experience of, does any one know if there is a Docker package (or any other environment file) that i could upload with a locked down production ready LAMP stack […]

Better rules for gnu make with docker

Suppose my source files are located in ~/dev/root Inside ~/dev/root are a number of projects. e.g. ~/dev/root/libraries/libx ~/dev/root/apps/app/appy ~/dev/root/docker/appy The build tool I use is called tundra2 and is invoked from the root level. So if I run tundra2 production appy it’ll produce it’s output to ~/dev/root/t2-output/linux64-gcc-production-default The binary is directly below that directory. There […]

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