Rails 5 apps connected to Docker + Puma (Nginx) + PostgreSQL

I’ve seen a few tutorials but cannot manage to set it up just as I’d like. I have a number of Rails apps which I do not want to place inside a Docker container as it makes things such as running tasks or migrations a bit annoying. However, I’d like to connect these apps to […]

Updating Task Definitions in ECS

I’m currently trying to automate my build and deployment process through CodePipeline. After my code finishes building in codebuild, I want to update my task definition and update my service through the aws cli via CodeBuild. I’m having a problem with updating the service because there’s no way for me to keep track of the […]

How do I restore a dump file from mysqldump using kubernet?

I know how to restore a dump file from mysqldump. Now, I am attempting to do that using kubernet and a docker container. The database files are in persistent (nfs) mount. The docker cannot be accessed outside of the cluster as there is no need for anything external to touch it. I tried: kubectl run […]

Official Filebeat docker running on windows not allowing application to rotate the log

I am using filebeat image – docker.elastic.co/beats/filebeat:5.4.1 to setup filebeat container locally on windows to read logs from an application and send data to logstash. The application which generate logs will rotate it after ‘1MB’ size. I have set close_inactive = 2M. So that filebeat release the handle after 2 minutes. When application stops writing […]

npm commands fails in jenkins pipelines with docker

i’m using jenkins for CI/CD. New project uses node.js and build fails on npm install command (as example used repo https://github.com/heroku/node-js-sample). Jenkinsfile: node { stage (‘stage0’) { checkout scm } stage (‘stage1’) { docker.withServer(‘tcp://example.com:2376’, ‘docker-example.com’) { docker.image(‘node’).inside { withEnv([‘npm_config_cache=npm-cache’, ‘HOME=.’]) { sh ‘npm install’ } } } } } Build Output: … [Pipeline] withDockerContainer Jenkins […]

Docker ubuntu – elasticsearch

I create a container with ubuntu‘s image. That’s all right, and i can use very well. So, i install a elasticsearch service in this ubuntu’s docker. I have a ubuntu docker. I install elasticsearch service it. When i use the command “curl -X GET ‘localhost:9200’ “, it return me the version, the name, all right. […]

Docker + WordPress + Traefik

I’m using Docker with Traefik as reverse proxy for managing my docker instances. Now I need to add WordPress installation and I’m not able to figure out how to set it up (for http protocol it works, I’m just not able to figure out wordpress). There is docker-compose: version: “2” services: mariadb: image: wodby/mariadb:10.1-2.1.0 environment: […]

Docker – connecting to DB with sequel pro

I have installed a craft cms project with craftman which uses docker. Now I am trying to connect to the DB with sequel pro, but I can’t. I have run the craftman ip command to get the ip of the docker container, which in my case was and then I have run the docker […]

Edit configuration file for running Docker instance of Kong

I am currently testing out Kong API Gateway and have it running with PostgreSQL, both in separate Docker containers on the same machine. So far, I have been able to successfully link to my API and add a plugin, but now I want to try changing some of the configuration variables and am running into […]

Running docker-containers structured as modules using fabric8

I have a small project that involves kafka, zookeeper and elasticsearch amongst others. I have a working solution for what i want to achive and i can start and stop my setup using docker-compose. However, i want to restructure my maven-project using maven-fabric8-plugin and modules. The idea is to have a main-project containing modules for […]

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