Setting up Docker on Windows for PHP – can not find config file

I installed boot2docker and trying to pull some images from a private server. It asks to –insecure-registry to the config file but can not find it. Has anyone encountered the same issue and is there any solution?

docker – creating and starting container, differences between API and CLI

I want to create a (named) container through the API without starting it (otherwise I would have to manually stop it immediately, not very clean), and use systemd to manage it as a service, but I’m a bit confused between the CLI and the API involved… In the API, some parameters for the container are […]

Docker PHP / Apache Container – Sendmail 553 Error “Domain of Sender Address does not exist” when trying to send mail

I’m having trouble sending e-mail on my PHP/Apache docker container via sendmail. I’m wondering if someone has a simple, straight forward solution. I am not a systems/server expert by any far stretch and my smtp/sendmail expertise is equally underwhelming. Thanks in advance for the help. Below is the error I’m recieiving: sendmail: 553 5.1.8 <apache@a0aca7313106>… […]

Issue getting memcache container to automatically start in Docker

I have a container that is being built that only really contains memcached, and I want it to start once the container is built. This is my current Docker file – FROM centos:7 MAINTAINER Some guy <> RUN yum update -y RUN yum install -y git RUN yum install -y ansible && yum clean […]

Two containers – two Pythons – one site-packages?

Let’s assume I have two separate docker (or some other) containers which may only share folders with each other. There is a Python interpreter of the same version installed in both of these containers. Is there any way to make these interpreters to share almost the same PYTHONPATH, e.g. for both of them see all […]

How to limit amount of running docker instances?

I am using one machine to host docker and launch containers on demand for other machines. However my resources are not unlimited and machines making those requests don’t have any knowledge about other requests. I’d like to limit the amount of containers that my docker host can launch to a certain amount. How can I […]

Docker best practice on base images and host os

I have a questition about the best pratices on using docker in production. In my company we use SLES12 as host os. Should we use SLES also as base for our docker containers? In my opinion SLES image is too big to follow the ddocker recommendation for small base images. My questition is: Has anyone […]

PHP websites with Docker

I’m having a hard time understanding how to make bunch of PHP websites using Docker. I’d like to use Docker, so that I can scale this service. Also, each website is independent and executes arbitrary code, so each needs a kind of isolated chroot jail. I just want to understand from a high level, what […]

can not use rabbitmq config in docker build OS X

Initially I was setting the rabbitmq config file like this (Dockerfile): RUN echo “[{rabbit, [{loopback_users, []}]}].” > /etc/rabbitmq/rabbitmq.config But now I need to configure the shovel plugin and would like to use an actual config file from source. To start out simple, the config file only contains the loopback_users setting. Here’s the Dockerfile statements: ENV […]

I can not access my Container Docker Image by HTTP

I created an image with apache2 running locally on a docker container via Dockerfile exposing port 80. Then pushed to my DockerHUB repository I created a new instance of Container Engine In my project on the Google Cloud. Within this I have two clusters, the Master and the Node1. Then created a Pod specifying the […]

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