Debug a NodeJS application inside Docker

I’m moving my NodeJS application to docker, and the last problem that I have encountered is debugging the application. My setup: OSx, boot2docker, docker (based on centos), WebStorm as IDE and debugger. Here’s what I have by now: Forward 5858 from docker to boot2docker: docker run -p 5858:5858 … Forward 5858 port from boot2docker to […]

how to ignore logs with docker commit

I use docker pull ubuntu to get the ubuntu:latest docker Once I had deploy some artifacts in this container, and I want to use it to other place, then I used docker commit ${container_id} However I found that when I use command of docker commit, it push all the files, including the application logs. I’ve google […]

gcloud docker pull fails with Untar exit status 2 unexpected fault address

EDIT: A huge thank you @mattmoor for helping me debug the issue. After I had to create a new docker-machine. There was a problem with the docker daemon that must’ve arisen due to the first machine not being created correctly. I am having trouble pulling images from another computer, both of which are running OSX […]

mvn jetty:run not reflecting changes when run inside docker

I have a simple Tic-tac-toe Java web app It is a Maven project. It uses Jetty to run the web app by doing mvn jetty:run While it is running locally, I can easily modify a JavaScript file and see the changes immediately when I refresh the browser. But, when I run it via Docker […]

How do I make Docker 'type'?

I am installing composer (a PHP tool) in my docker container, and at some point the installation script asks for a Y/N option: We are about to initialize the the application. Proceed ? [Y/n] How do I make Dockerfile predict it and answer it in time?

How to share java-packages between docker-container via link?

I am completely new to Docker and don’t really understand how “link” works between containers. I wrote a little java-program with some packages and I want each package to run on a different container. I would like the packages to find each other through the link and communicate with each other. The goal is, that […]

Different behaviour between 'docker run' and running command from bash within container

I am trying to build an image for a RabbitMQ server and I am facing the following problem. Within the Dockerfile I have the line “RUN /rabbitmq_server-3.5.3/sbin/rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management” This causes the build process to stall when running this command. When commenting out that line and later running a container with that image by invoking […]

How can I get a container running again, that has stopped now but was running before

I had this container running: docker run -d -P -v $HOME/site:/usr/share/nginx/html –name mysite nginx and then I stopped it These are my images: docker@boot2docker:~$ docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED VIRTUAL SIZE nginx 1.9.2 319d2015d149 6 days ago 132.8 MB nginx latest 319d2015d149 6 days ago 132.8 MB nginx 1 319d2015d149 6 days ago […]

Authorization settings problems for tomcat while deploying with docker

I am new here and also new to the docker and tomcat. I am trying to deploy a maven project with docker. I have managed to create an image for tomcat in docker and created a container from that image. or gives me the apache tomcat opening page; but whenever i try to […]

PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/code/'

I was trying to run django app on docker container. Followed steps mentioned at But after running the command docker-compose run web startproject composeexample . I facing error PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/code/’ I’m using centos 7. please help [root@localhost docker-django]# docker-compose run web startproject composeexample . Traceback (most recent call […]

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