Mounting local volumes to docker container

Edited for clarity I run the following run command docker run -d -P -v /users/username/app:/app contname This resulsts in the following when i inspect the container “HostConfig”: { “Binds”: [ “/users/username/app:/app” ], “Volumes”: { “/app”: “/users/username/app”, “/app”: “/mnt/sda1/var/lib/docker/vfs/dir/214a16c3678f93cbadb7e7b7d56b5f26b66a34c6d9bb89ade23b16e386a12212” }, But when i ssh into the container, i can see that app is empty. Is my […]

Using Docker for Drupal Dev (Local)

So, to put it simply, I have a drupal site that’s live. I want to work on it locally and use docker containers to manage that. I want to use this Image: And use this as my data container: I have the database downloaded from the live site saved as an .sql file. […]

What is the difference between an untaggedImage & deletedImage in the docker source?

The docker source defines a struct to hold deleted images when running docker image prune or docker system prune: type ImageDeleteResponseItem struct { // The image ID of an image that was deleted Deleted string `json:”Deleted,omitempty”` // The image ID of an image that was untagged Untagged string `json:”Untagged,omitempty”` } (source code link) Looking at […]

postfix docker doesn't relay emails

Hi I am trying to create a docker container that relays emails via a smtp server, my Dockerfile is as follows – FROM ubuntu:trusty MAINTAINER dev<> ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive RUN apt-get update RUN echo “postfix postfix/main_mailer_type string Internet site” > preseed.txt RUN echo “postfix postfix/mailname string” >> preseed.txt RUN debconf-set-selections preseed.txt RUN DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get […]

Format of docker remote api image date created field

Just wondering who might know what the number on the “created” attribute of the json response for images might mean. Obviously its something to do with the day of creation, but I’m not sure how to format it, it doesnt look like a standard timestamp, does it represent “days ago” or a specific date? How […]

Docker 0.9 – /etc/sysctl.conf not working

I set net.core.somaxconn = 65535 in /etc/sysctl.conf inside an Ubuntu image. But the net.core.somaxconn turns to 128 in the container using command sysctl -a | grep net.core.somaxconn. After I execute sysctl -p, it turns to 65535. Why doesn’t /etc/sysctl.conf work when running a container (Docker 0.9) ?

What is the convention to include supporting services in a project that uses docker?

There are lots of articles and documentation for docker that describe how I can configure a web node profile. I find however that it’s relatively light on describing how I might go on to include profiles for things like my database server, caching, workers and message queue services alongside. If I’m trying to create an […]

MongoDB & Docker: connections from Dockerized Mongo client to external server refused

I’ve got a mongod instance running on server A. Server B has a Dockerized container for our web app (apache, django, mongoengine). Server B’s mongo client needs to connect to A’s mongod instance. I can connect through the shell and pymongo without trouble from B to A but my Dockerized django app’s connections are refused. […]

LXC implementation with Docker

I am new to Docker although I have used Linux containers in past. Can anyone explain how exactly Docker uses LXC (architecture would be very useful)?

Invalid Registry Endpoint pushing docker image

I built a docker container with docker 1.0, and tried to push it to a private docker registry mapped to s3, but it gives me “invalid registry endpoint”. docker push loca.lhost:5000/company/appname 2014/06/20 12:50:07 Error: Invalid Registry endpoint: Get http://loca.lhost:5000/v1/_ping: read tcp connection reset by peer The registry was started following settings similar to the […]

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