Docker CLI in Freestyle Build Shell

I’d like to run the postgres docker image instead of the postgres binary provided by cloudbees due to the lack of uuid and postgis support. However, the only two docker plugins I have access to are CloudBees Docker Custom Build Environment Plugin and Docker Commons Plugin. I’d like to avoid the extra complexity associated with […]

How to make Docker application public accessible

I have one web application (web2, deployed on tomcat) running on docker host. DOCKER_HOST=tcp:// docker port web2 8000/tcp -> 8080/tcp -> Now, I access this application : I have done the port forwarding (verizon router) : HTTP TCP Any -> 80 And this mapping is against my laptop on which server is […]

Compile docker on armv7

It seems docker depends on docker itself to compile, and running make build from it downloads a docker container that only runs on x86 machines. How can I run this on arm?

Leader election in Mesos cluster seems not working

I am setting up Mesos Cluster(ZooKeeper+Mesos) using docker, with 3 nodes(A,B,C) running zookeeper&master&slave containers for each. node B & C redirects each other (quorum=2) As I run Mesos-Master container and open Mesos Web UI, node A seems like a master node node B redirects to node C node C redirects to node B It seems […]

systemtap:while resolving probe point: identifier 'process' at source: probe process().function no match

I had installed nginx and lua in my docker image, but I didn’t install nginx on my physical CentOS system. I “docker run my image” and start nginx on my physical CentOS system. So the nginx master and worker process are working. I run an example of nginx-systemtap-toolkit. I run: sudo ./ngx-active-reqs -p 24945 24945 […]

Nodemon doesn't restart

I have a nodemon running in a docker-container with a mounted volume on OSX. Nodemon is receiving the file-change but it doesn’t restart the server. Output: Creating piclet_web_1… Attaching to piclet_web_1 web_1 | 7 Sep 13:37:19 – [nodemon] v1.4.1 web_1 | 7 Sep 13:37:19 – [nodemon] to restart at any time, enter `rs` web_1 | […]

Vagrant Docker provisioner on 32 bit machines

I have a requirement to build a 32 bit VM containing several linked docker containers. I have a script that successfully uses the vagrant docker provisioner and vagrant-docker-compose to build the containers and link them together in a 64 bit trusty machine (ubuntu/trusty64) but when I try it on a 32 bit machine it fails […]

Running quick programs inside a docker container

My web-application uses graphicsmagick to resize images. Resizing an image will usually take about 500ms. To simpilfy the setup and wall it off I wanted to move the graphicsmagick call inside a docker container and use docker run to execute it. However, running inside a container adds an additional ~300ms, which is not really acceptable […]

Chronicle map and docker containers?

Want to ask linux gurus if Chronicle can share state (be used) between docker containers on one host machine. Just an assumption: since chronicle uses memory mapped files and we can share (probably?) the same host’s filesystem between containers we can probably use ChronicleMap functionality? Not sure about inter-container synchronization though… Does anybody have any […]

Editing static resources in Docker with Spring Boot application

I am creating an application with Spring Boot and Docker. What I want to do is edit the static resources (.js and .css) without having to stop/rebuild/start the container. I have read a few tutorials, blogs, and examples (including Every example I have seen looks like I must rebuild the jar, rebuild the container, […]

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