docker cannot remove images?

docker images lists test latest e10eb3d3a067 7 days ago 1.094 GB But i tried to remove it using docker rmi e10eb3d3a067 docker rmi -f <same_id> It says, No such id :<different id, not the one i provided> and Error: failed to remove Any suggestions to remove it? I reffered this But i don’t have any […]

How to hide Docker containers behind a single hostname

I’m pretty new to Docker. I started by approaching with the VM mindset, but I’m realizing that it uses a whole different paradigm from VMs, or even traditional LXC containers. The biggest challenge has been with understanding how networking works. I’m trying to use Docker to run multiple services on a machine that require some […]

How to force pull docker images in DC OS?

For docker orchestration, we are currently using mesos and chronos to schedule job runs. Now, we dropped chronos and try to set it up via DCOs, using mesos and metronome. In chronos, I could activate force pulling a docker image via its yml config: container: type: docker image: forcePullImage: true Now, in DC/OS using […]

Why there is no init / initctl on the docker centos image

Using the public/common docker‘s centos image I was installing some services that required a /etc/init directory and I had a failure. I have further noticed that initctl does not exist, meaning that init was not run. How can the centos image be used with a fully functional init process ? example: docker run -t -i […]

How can I push a war from windows system to boot2docker's VM tomcat webapp folder?

According to boot2docker docs: The first of the following share names that exists (if any) will be automatically mounted at the location specified: Users share at /Users /Users share at /Users c/Users share at /c/Users /c/Users share at /c/Users c:/Users share at /c/Users In my case I can see an automount for c:/Users. However how […]

Accessing system variables through HHVM

Problem: I want to access environment variables through HHVM that aren’t typically exposed to a default php setup Context: I rely on a couple of system variables to provide dynamic configuration options to a Laravel4 project running in a Docker container. I want to connect to a mysql DB running in another docker container that […]

docker mongodb replication on same server

I want to setup on my dev machine a mongodb replication, same machine running mongodb instances on docker. so i have docker containers running mongodb instances on them, working, fine and setup. // some images omitted $ docker ps -a>27017/tcp>27017/tcp>27017/tcp then, on my PRIMARY, i tried adding something PRIMARY> rs.add(“”) { “ok” […]

Nginx 502: Bad Gateway with rstudio server

Hi I’m trying to set up RStudio server with a reverse proxy. Here is my Nginx config user nginx; worker_processes 1; # Defines a file that will store the process ID of the main process. pid /var/run/; events { # Sets the maximum number of simultaneous connections that can be opened by a worker process. […]

Starting a process in the Dockerfile

My problem is the following: I need to start a container with the dnsmasq service running (but that could be any service). The hard point is that I created a user in my image, so when I create a container out of it, it starts with my custom user (no root). Therefore, how can I […]

gcloud auth login with Docker does not work as it says in documentation

I’ve followed the Docker instructions from here exactly: (click Alternative Methods to find Docker instructions). But when I run: docker run -t -i –volumes-from gcloud-config google/cloud-sdk gcloud compute instances list I get: docker run -t -i –volumes-from gcloud-config google/cloud-sdk gcloud compute instances list ERROR: (gcloud.compute.instances.list) You do not currently have an active account selected. […]

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