Persist users across containers

For the main RStudio Docker image the user/password information lives in the container. To create a new user you need to run adduser inside the container, see: This is an issue when updating to a new container as obviously the /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, etc. would not persist across containers. I was thinking of mounting the […]

How do i enable docker logs for gocd-server?

I have successfully built a docker deployment using gocd-server and gocd-agents from DockerHub. However, when i start them using docker-compose – i dont see any active session logging – only init logging. **How do i tell gocd-server to be more verbose, or to write to stdout so docker logs can display the output? ** IE: […]

Tensorflow Object Detection Killed before starting

I am running docker image tensorflow:1.1.0. I have added the tensorflow object detection api github by cloning it locally and giving my docker a connection to the folder. I am trying to recreate their pet example. I believe I have all code and code in the right places. However, when I try to retrain, tensorflow […]

Docker inter container communication not working

Hi I am new to docker I have created docker images and able to start them using docker compose. Able to access these services from browser using docker tcp IP and they can ping each other using ping command. When I tried to access the service from one another using service name in docker compose […]

How to run protractor end to end tests in docker container?

I am beginner to docker container.I just started to run protractor end to end test in docker container. My application is in angular 2 typescript. I tried to figure out how to configure docker and found out image from the docker hub and downloaded this image in my virtual machine. I used this command […]

Installing rancher 1.6.2 on centos 7

I was unlucky enough to stumble upon a bug opened just 5 hours ago (this happens because of the upgrade of Centos’s docker version to 17.06). I short, current rancher does not work with docker 17.06: So, I needed to downgrade to 17.05 (on Centos7). Easy peasy, yum downgrade docker-ce. Bummer, centos said: no […]

How add parameter in project -stage.yaml for Swarm on docker

I am using Swarm with Docker and i want to change default upload size. But i don’t how to add this parameter in project-stage.yaml. I tried like this : swarm: swarm.undertow.servers.default-server.http-listeners.default.max-post-size:52428800 But it didn’t work.

How to saving a Docker container State?

I’m trying to learn the ins and outs of Docker, and I’m confused by the prospect of saving an image. I ran the basic Ubuntu image, installed Anaconda Python and a few other things…so now what’s the best way to save my progress? Save, commit, export? None of these seem to work the same way […]

Docker Swarm CD/CI (Jenkins, Docker)

I’m working on an automated testing enviroment with docker and jenkins but now i got stuck with the jenkins master and slaves. I’m relatively new with the whole Jenkins/Docker thing so i followed the tutorial at I’m using the swarm plug-in to connect the slaves to the master. For this I’m creating a docker […]

Populate cassandra after Docker-compose finishes

Here’s my docker-compose.yaml: version: ‘3’ services: cassandra: container_name: cassandra image: cassandra:3.10 ports: – 9142:9042 volumes: – $PWD/src/database/migrations:/migrations depends_on: – mysql mysql: image: mysql:5.7 volumes: – ./src/database/migrations:/docker-entrypoint-initdb.d ports: – 3307:3306 restart: always environment: – MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=password – MYSQL_DATABASE=leonardo – MYSQL_ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD=1 And a shell script to start: #!/bin/bash set -e docker-compose -f $PWD/docker-compose.yaml down docker-compose -f $PWD/docker-compose.yaml […]

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