What are the correct Permissions for docker in docker as another user?

I’m trying to enable my docker instance to build other docker images from a CI server. My agent spins up a container, and i have my macs docker.sock mounted into the container. /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock When inside the container and running as root, i am able to download and run containers: root@b6da92395273:/godata/pipelines# docker run helloworld 019300c8a437: Pull […]

Docker running ubuntu with elasticsearch

I have a ubuntu docker. I install elasticsearch service it. When i use the command “curl -X GET ‘localhost:9200’ “, it return me the version, the name, all right. It means the elasticsearch is configured correct, but when i access on my browser out of docker , doesn’t work. I have already configured the network […]

Docker: communication between web container and php container

I’m trying to dockerizing a project runs with php + Apache http server. I learned that I need to have a container for apache http server and another container for php script. I searched a lot but still don’t understanding how that works. What I know now is I should resort to docker networking, as […]

Not able to connect to mongodb replica set running in docker in different machine

I am using mongo server in which there are three dockers that are running and another one which maps all the three mongo dockers and creates replica from them. Config for same is: mongo1: build: mongodb/ hostname: mongo1 expose: – “27017” ports: – “ip:27017:27017” # links: # – mongo2:mongo2 # – mongo3:mongo3 restart: always volumes: […]

Java stack trace overlaps error message

Debian Jessie and OpenJDK running on Windows Docker Toolbox, strange behavior from printStackTrace() on an Exception: The Exception is a java.lang.NullPointerException, but somehow the stack trace is overwriting or overlapping the first line of the error message, making it difficult to debug. I added the red line to delineate the stack trace text. Anyone seen […]

GitLab Runner reporting failed docker image build stage as passed

If my Docker Image builds fail inside a GitLab Runner Pipleline/Stage the stage is marked as passed and then moves onto the next stage, but it should report as failed and stop the Runner.

using kerberos in a container, inside of openshift / kubernetes

I was able to get kerberos authentication to function inside of a standalone docker installation for our webapp. Our webapp is NodeJS. However when I try to deploy the POD inside of OpenShift it ceases to function. It appears the authentication headers get lost in translation. The exact same containerized app, gives us this error […]

How do I ssh into a container of a worker node of docker swarm?

I am trying to make a spark cluster using docker containers, using docker swarm I am able to deploy a service which scales up containers on worker nodes but in order to make a spark cluster those containers on different working nodes needs to interact! I need each containers IP address so that I can […]

Return and error code when an app exits in a docker container with aspnetcore

How can I get an aspnetcore program to exit with an error code? For example the console app that does this: public class Program { public static void Main(string[] args) { Environment.Exit(1); throw new Exception(“Failed”); } } Dockerfile is FROM microsoft/dotnet:1.1-runtime ARG source WORKDIR /app COPY ${source:-obj/Docker/publish} . ENTRYPOINT [“dotnet”, “Example.dll”] Yet the output when […]

ImportError: No module named package using pip in Docker

I’m using Docker to build my application. I’m using pip to install the packages from requirements.txt but the package is not including in the build. FROM python:3.4 WORKDIR /app ADD . /app RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y \ python3-pip python-pip\ cron \ unixodbc \ unixodbc-dev \ python3-dev \ python3-setuptools \ && rm -rf […]

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